Sibukele Gumbo - Research Assistant

Sibukele is the Research Assistant within the CoE. She is the management lead for the Siyakhula Living Lab Management Unit (SiLLMU) and also a doctorate student within the Telkom Centre of Excellence. She oversees and organises daily operations within the Siyakhula Living Lab.


Her research interests are on ICTD, Technical and Business models to support ICTD interventions, and the Living Lab methodology.  Khulumani Sibanda - Head

Khulumani Sibanda is the Head of the Telkom Centre of Excellence in ICT for Development. He is also a senior lecturer within the Department of Computer Science. Besides overseeing and managing the operations of the CoE he is also involved with lecturing a number of postgraduate modules in the department, supervising students, involved with the operations at the Siyakhula Living Lab (the field site of the CoE research)


His research interest are Intelligent Systems, Networking and Network security.


 Cebisa Manyonta - Administrative Assistant

Cebisa Manyonta is the Administrative Assistant to both the Department of Computer Science and the Telkom Centre of Excellence in ICT for Development.


 Alfredo Terzoli - Research Director

Alfredo is the Research Director of the CoE. He is also the Head of the Telkom Centre of Excellence in Distributed Multimedia at Rhodes University. Alfredo has extensive experience in managing long term, multi-actor research initiatives, research and teaching. He is actively involved with the research supervision of the senior postgraduate students, and also with the operations at the Siyakhula Living Lab and ReedHouseSystems.


His research interests include ICTD, Realtime Multimedia, VOIP and soft-switches.


 Mamello Thinyane - "Man Around Town"

Mamello is an Associate Professor within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Fort Hare.  He is involved with the operations of the CoE in Alice.


His research interest include ICT for Development , Multi-Agent Systems, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Mobile Application Development, and Social Media.

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