The diagram below highlights the research space within which most of the CoE projects are undertaken.

The following are some of the current and past projects that have been undertaken within the Siyakhula Living Lab (for a list of current project visit the projects section of the research portal)

Sustainability (Financial, Technical, Cultural)

  • Dynamic adaptive cost model for Internet connectivity in rural communities
  • Making multipurpose communication centres viable : experimentation with billing
  • Developing a help-desk system for a multi-purpose ICT platform in a marginalized setting
  • Cost-sharing modules for a marginalized community context

eServices Provisioning

  • Novel interaction techniques for mobile phones
  • Business and technical models for the development of mobile services in rural communities
  • Integrating eGovernment functionality into a multi-purpose communication centre for rural development
  • Implementing a rewards-based negotiation module for an eCommerce platform
  • Developing sustainable mobile service contents for a Wireless Village
  • Investigation and development of a citizen-oriented eJudiciary service for a rural community
  • A middleware solution for a multi-purpose telecommunication centre, with prototypical deployment in Dwesa
  • Building an eHealth component for a multipurpose communication centre
  • Implementing a mobile services development environment
  • A service for personal communication : synchronous and asynchronous
  • Knowledge-oriented services for marginalized communities
  • Mobile data services for disadvantaged communities


  • Improving the robustness and effectiveness of the wireles telecommunication infrastructure in Dwesa
  • Deployment and extension of a converged WiMAX/WIFI network for Dwesa


  • An evaluation and monitoright system to measure the impact of ICT interventions in Dwesa
  • The Development and Implementation of an Evaluation Framework for Rural ICT Projects in Developing Countries: Exploring Rural ICT Projects in the Eastern Cape

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