Recent research activities...

The Centre of Excellence has undertaken a number of research activities in the last couple of month:

  • [July 2011] The Honours students went on an industry visit to Port Elizabeth. The two day trip started with a visit to Dimension Data, where the students were able to engage both with the management and the technical staff to understand more about the company and the kind of skills that are required within a company such as Dimension Data. The second day the students visited the Coega IDZ where they were hosted for the whole day by the IT department. This involved a number of presentations by the IDZ staff, the tour of the company facilities (offices and data centres) and also an opportunity for the students to experience an hour in the life of an ICT professional at Coega - where students (two per staff member) were able to sit down at the desk with a staff member and go through the daily doings
  • The postgraduate students students have presented papers at a number of local conferences : two students attended the SACLA conference [6th - 8th July] in Durban, three students attended the ZA_WWW conference [14th - 16th September] in Johannesburg and 10 students attended the SATNAC conference [4th - 7th September]. Upcoming conferences include the SAICSIT conference, and the ITU conference.
  • [June 2011] The Siyakhula Living Lab hosted a LLiSA workshop in Grahamstown. This was attended by the various living labs in South Africa and active deliberations we undertaken on the role of living labs within the NSI and the role of the different stakeholders within the living lab methodology.

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