The Finnish Exchange...

The Centre of Excellence has, for the first time, sent a doctorate student, Mr Nobert Jere to Finland for an exchange. Mr Jere is currently in his second year of his doctorate research and he is working on developing an ICT roadmap to guide future ICTD interventions - with a specific focus on eServices platforms and architectures.

Mr Jere is hosted by SoberIT - Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Aalto University. The exchange which is funded by the South Africa - Finland Knowledge Partnership on ICT (SAFIPA) represents the initial stages of a planned collaboration between the Centre of Excellence in ICT for Development and SoberIT.

The exchange will see Mr Jere visiting and interacting with a number of Living Labs located in Finland, giving presentations on the work that the Centre of Excellence is involved in with the Siyakhula Living Lab, and attending workshop and courses targeted at supporting his research.

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