2011 and beyond ...

2011 is the second year in the 3 years THRIP cycle. Last year saw the conclusion of a number of projects initiated in the 2007 - 2009 cycle, concentrated largely on the development of further eServices for the platform in Dwesa. This year the main effort is along the three key research areas on :

  • the SOA-based middleware platform and developing both new applications that tie into the middleware and wrappers for off-the-shelf third-party OSS applications. Two MSc projects are contributing directly to this task.
  • experimenting with Mobile WiMAX and investigating its viability and efficacy in ICTD contexts (case study in Dwesa)
  • further development of user-driven applications in view of the multi-helix living lab methodology that has been adopted within the Siyakhula Living Lab

This year the postgraduate team in the department consists of one new Doctorate candidate, five new Masters candidates and nine new honours students, some of whom will be involved directly in the CoE project tasks and other indirectly supporting the research activities.

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