SAICSIT 2010 - Fountains of Computing Research

Bela Bela : The theme for the South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists (SAICSIT) 2010 conference was on "Fountains of Computing Research" - with the focus on addressing computing research as reflected in real-world applications.

The conference, which took place on the 11th - 13th October  in Bela Bela - South Africa, was attended by three postgraduate students within the   Telkom Centre of Excellence in ICT for Development.Mr Nobert Jere presented a poster on his current doctorate research at the Postgraduate Symposium which is normally held before the conference commences. Mr Emmanuel Edim and Mr Nkanyiso Ndlovu gave oral presentations of their doctorate and masters research respectively.

More details about the SAICSIT conference are available   here

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