Former Telkom CoE student ensuring smooth SWC 2010

Mr Mfundo Shakes, a MSc graduate from the University of Fort Hare, is part of the team that is ensuring that viewers get a smooth transmission of all the action happening at the different stadiums during the FIFA SWC 2010.

FIFA has requested big companies to monitor the network for the whole duration of the world cup, in particular the network devices that are installed at all the stadiums designated for this event. Telkom SA together with Media Broadcast and Host Broadcast Services which are both operating under International Broadcasting Centre are the companies that are mainly responsible for making sure that the network is in full operation without and break ups.

Telkom provides a network connection pipe to each and every stadium involved at a bandwidth of 10Gbps. Each stadium has MD8000 switches installed; the switches are provided by Media Links and are mainly responsible for video transmission. Mr Shakes' team is responsible for monitoring all these switches installed at the stadiums. The monitoring is performed at the National Network Operations Centre (NNOC) at Telkom in Centurion.

"In our case we monitor all faults and alarms that may occur during the duration of any match. We make sure that all ports are kept green at all times and the equipment is in full operational order." says Mr Shakes.

Before each game, the team is responsible for the configuration of the switches deployed at the stadiums, and for making sure that the links between the stadiums and Telkom are operational. "After each game, a report with all the screenshots, logs, faults and alarms (minor, major, solved, unsolved and acknowledged) must be submitted to the responsible authorities for evaluation" says Mr Shakes.

Through the efforts of the team that Mr Shakes is part of, millions of people around the world are able to enjoy uninterrupted screening of all the world cup matches as they happen.


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